About us

AGS was founded by honest, proven, established industry leaders to share their reputation and experience with the world. The founders of AGS recognize that by using our many diverse talents and contacts in the international and domestic realms we can effectively and efficiently assist you in a wide range of fields. In an ever-changing and interconnected society, using those who already have experience and context in different markets is a competitive advantage.

The competitive market for a general consulting company is a crowded space with each claiming advanced knowledge or skills. AGS rises above the others by providing consultants that each individually have a successful body of work, reputation for creating meaningful new opportunities and, most importantly, integrity.

Another thing that sets Alliance Global apart is we pride ourselves on listening to you and being a true partner. We want to know exactly what you want, what your goals are and where you want to be. Let us get to work putting our collective knowledge and experience to work for you.


Executive partners

Kim Heidemann – Based in U.S.A. – Kim@AGlobalS.com
Kim Johnson Heidemann is a native Iowan. Raised on a small family farm she gained a strong work ethic and learned that a healthy dose of common sense often saves the day. She has always had an interest in history and international places coupled with passion for politics and current events.

She studied history and political science at University of Iowa. While in college she attended a symposium in The Hauge, Netherlands that concentrated on International Negation and Conflict Resolution. A day hearing testimony at the Bosnian War Crimes Tribunal is what she credits with solidifying her career path to international relations. After graduating with a B.A. in history and minor in political science, Kim refined her fundraising skills by working in The Windy City at Lyric Opera of Chicago. Before long though she was back in Iowa, this time to attend Iowa State University. Working to engage the public in international relations was to become a high school teacher, she earned a degree in education with endorsements in world history, American history and American government. Looking for a new experience she found the right fit for her at the University of Westminster in London, England. While there, she attended the Diplomatic Academy of London for an M.A. in diplomatic studies. It was exactly what she was a looking for. Her classmates were mostly diplomats or children of diplomats. It was an education in and of itself.

Kim started at Iowa Sister States (ISS) within a year of returning to Iowa from Europe. She had not been at ISS long before realizing the potential the organization had. She delighted in creating projects and programs with international partners. The volunteers at ISS were invigorated by her passion and the organization began its climb to where it is now. Under Kim’s guidance, ISS has become a leader in Iowa for managing and understanding international relationships. And as she rightly should be, Kim is known as an expert in working with international partners. She has guided many Iowan organizations as they seek out their own way to connect with the international community.

Through Alliance Global Solutions (AGS), Kim will offer her clients 15 years of demonstrated excellence in the field of international relations. She delivers results that exceed expectations because she believes in delivering only the highest level of service. Her network is vast across several countries. She has worked with partners in business, education, culture, agriculture, sport, government and many other sectors. She has dined with the wife of the president of China and talked foreign policy with ministers. Kim has a reputation for integrity and for her unique vision and logistics to accomplish goals.


Tyler Tompkins – Based in U.S.A. – Tyler@AGlobalS.com

Tyler Tompkins brings a beautiful blend of private and public operation skills to our team. He has worked in municipal government as a police officer, supervisor and division commander for the last 16 years. During this time he has honed skills relevant to self defense, complex criminal investigations, electronic investigation, event security, team management and large team training.

Tyler has also worked in the private sector for the last 18 years as a business owner and developed several multi-million dollar companies, with a focus on real estate investment and operation. He has worked to create value in his own businesses that provides a durable competitive advantage over his competitors while still producing healthy profit margins.

Tyler has worked with various NGOs to create opportunities for youth and professional development in foreign countries. He believes the future generation will need a global understanding and perspective to be competitive. From fundraising to trip logistics, chaperoning and security, he has first-hand experience. These opportunities have been the most rewarding of his career, connecting youth across borders for the betterment of all cultures.


In addition to these partners, AGS works with amazing professionals all over the globe who will band together to bring you smashing results.